Thursday, July 7, 2011

We're getting real "Itchy to get moving"

Our plan yesterday was to head north today.  But then a mail order for Sandy did not appear at the post office, so we decided (to keep peace in the house) to delay our departure a day.  Everyone is happy today, as the package arrived..

The order came in this morning and the post office called us at 8:15 AM.  So we made a quick trip to town and picked it up.  However, with package in hand, the decision was made to delay our travels by a  day.  (Sandy's sinuses are really acting up.)

So today was spent putting stuff away and a few make work projects.  We even got the tractor out to do some dirt moving and level a small hole in the lawn.  (A remnant of burning out a tree stump this last spring.)   We also watched some TV to see how the judge treated  Casey in Florida.   I think the judge got it right!  But a sad reflection on society.

Our destination tomorrow is the Rockford, IA city park for one night.   That puts us within striking distance of Forest City for Saturday morning.  Enroute, we'll stop at Marengo to do some laundry and while that is being done, I'll make a quick trip to Amana to see my mother.  We should be back on the road by noon  for about a three hour drive.  It is not that far, but it is not freeway driving either.

The thought of hitting the road and seeing many old friends is enlightening.


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