Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forest City is waking up

Here we are in Forest City Iowa with several hundred other Winnebago owners.  Attendance is down this year for what ever the reason, so at present, there are numerous holes in the parking area.  Most of them will be filled by sundown on Sunday when all of the members ought to be here for the start of the rally.

Today was a miserable day for parking and before they started, they apparently closed it.  It rained lightly most of the morning here and around noon, it came down in torrents.   Friends who were out of the grounds to the service center were told that they could not re-enter, so they are roughing it for one night.

This week is pre-rally activities and the activity we're involved in is the full timers club (called the 365 group.)  Supposedly, they are in their RV over 6 months of the year.  It is an interesting group and one characteristic is that they all seem to be an aging group.  I guess with 17 plus years of fulltiming, we ought to fit in.   Our closing activity this afternoon with the group was an ice cream social, where we had twice as much ice cream as we had a need for.  So obviously, we're well filled.

After the 365 closing, we had a break at the rig before joining the computer group for a pizza party.    Three years ago, they were short of pizza slices, but not this year.   They had four or five extra pizzas!  No one went away hungry!  It was an opportunity to visit and get acquainted with some of the other members that are scattered around the grounds.  The common subject of discussion was the computer, either with XP, Vista or Win7.

Yesterday we went to a neighboring town of Garner to visit the medical clinic there.   I needed a vitamin B-12 shot and the local clinic was out of the stuff.   Even though I had a prescription from my local Doctor, they insisted that I be seen by their doctor also.   In the end, they only thing it cost me was time, as I didn't have to pay extra for the 5 minute visit from him to see if I was alive.

With that, it is about news time here Thursday evening, so we need to wrap this up.  Have a great day.


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  1. Hey, Gene, send some of that rain down this way!? Ha Ha Today will be our 48th day of 100-plus temps and only two inches of rain in May and June ..... zero in July, so far.

    Enjoy reading your blog.

    Hi to Sandy,