Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer is here in Iowa NOW

My apologies for not posting sooner.   We had a great time at daughter Beth's (for the most part).  A week earlier, Beth had been to the farm to sort 'stuff" in our storage trailer. Lots of stuff went to the fire pile and some stuff went back with her for good will.   So I got to shed another tear over what daughter has declared "surplus to our needs" and took it with her.

Two things really hurt:  lots of books and a pair of life jackets.   They keep telling me that it is all available online, but I do enjoy browsing through a book, like a book on our National Parks.  Puff, it is gone.  As to the life jackets, she wasn't around when I spotted them in her trunk, so I promptly rescued them.   After all, I still have the canoe and intend to use it.  So I need some life jackets!   I think it was Sunday afternoon or evening when she commented, "I haven't seen the life jackets around!"   So I had to fess up that I had them and I was keeping them!

We returned to the farm on Monday, with Sandy driving and I slept.  It was a few quick stops in Cedar Rapids, then to see my mother in Amana and home sweet home to our motorhome!

Yet that afternoon, the work began.  I mowed the lawn which is a real bouncing job.  Later it was a trip into Williamsburg and I noticed that the county was cleaning the fill out of the road ditches nearby.  A quick visit with the crew chief and I was in line to get a whole pot full of fill dirt to fill the hole left by the silo and the hole that was under the corn crib.  He asked "How much could I take?" and my answer was "All you can make available."   If the holes can't handle it all, we'll raise the area where the silo was.  After all, it is nice black soil.

Today, I suggested to Sandy that maybe it was time to start the air conditioner. (Not that I want it!)   The good news was that the compressors run.  The bad news is that the fan doesn't run on low speed.  However, I never could tell a difference in the two speeds, so we have air conditioning with a high speed fan.

It is hard to believe, but the summer here on the farm is almost over.  We head north next week  for the Winnebago rally, which takes up July.  In August, we have 4 family reunions, one each weekend.   Then of course, September is next and we'll probably get itchy feet to consider heading south.  So I have one more week of summer here on the farm and it looks like mother nature is going to make sure I remember it.

We do have a nice breeze here on the hilltop.


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