Monday, June 20, 2011

Relaxing on the Farm

We arrived back on the farm yesterday and did a few little things.  Today, we did much of the same  (very little).  When we were out, we were mowing the grass. It continues to grow and grow.  Tonight we relax here in the motorhome with an eye out the front window, looking for any livestock that might wander by.  We had a doe deer check us out this morning and after about a minute of staring at us, she decided it was time to evacuate the place quickly.   She ran about a quarter of a mile to the neighbors timber.

Writing a blog is an interesting past time.  When riding the lawn mower, there are all kinds of subjects that come to mind that I ought to comment on.  But sit me down with the computer on my lap, and I lose all of those excellent pre-planned thoughts.  So you take what you get.

It is time for me to get busy on two more presentations that I  have to present at the Winnebago GNR  (Grand National Rally).  They are a repeat of what we did last year, so they should be kind of painless to prepare.   Sandy  found our formal copy on her computer and edited them.   She likes to add all kinds of "stuff" to the text, stuff like italics, bolding, and color.   In my book, keep it simple so that they can read it.

Incidentally, we did find the hedge post that I thought daughter Beth may have disposed for me. It's just not where I stored it!

We're also expecting more rain  tonight!


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