Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm up and at'em again

It wasn't that I was sick, but I  was busy.  It was called "prep" time for a colonoscopy.   Something that all of us periodically need if we're past 50 or 55.    Since I've lost two brothers to colon cancer, it is a very important test for me.

The bad thing is that you'd think that the medical profession would come up with a "pleasanter" prep solution.   Sure, they let me chose my flavor (orange, cherry, pineapple, lemon and two more.)  I chose orange and it was pretty flat (or awful) tasting.  But we did down it all on schedule.

The test itself went pretty well.  Actually, I almost felt like I was cheated some.  Initially, they were to do an upper scan via the mouth.  The nurse had explained it to me which seemed pretty reasonable.  (I have always wondered how they get the patient to swallow it.    Her description was that they spray a mist in that deadens the nerves before inserting the scope.  That led me to believe that it was an event that I'd be fully aware of what was going on.

Well, not so.    After the usual prep in the room, they wheeled me to the examine room and the two nurses were very professional about attaching all of the stuff (blood pressure, temperature, EKG, etc)  So while that was happening, they must have also turned on the sleeping stuff because I remembered nothing else.until I woke up in my room again.  Sandy told me that I had been back to the  room for 30 minutes before I came alive.   So I missed the doctor's debriefing.  With both of my previous tests, I was awake when I got back to the room and listened to his report.

Everything was fine, but......  They removed one polyp and will have the lab results if it in a few days.  Plus he scheduled me for an office call in 75 days.    The final downer was that as a result of the  esophagus  and stomach exam, he has prescribed an anti-acid that has to be taken an hour before breakfast.  That I could really do with out.

So now that all of that is over, we can get on with our life.  I was going to fix the lawn mower belt and mow grass today, but there has been a steady rain most of the morning.   So the grass gets a reprieve and it will continue to grow.  We've had about an inch of  a light rain and it looks like it is all soaking in


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