Saturday, June 18, 2011

A rally weekend and no rain!

It has been six days since our last posting.  I guess I've recovered from the train wreck of daughter attempting to pitch all of my goodies!  One item that I haven't found yet is a 2 foot piece of OLD Hedge Fence post that I picked up out of the field about 50 years ago.  I had a section of it (cut with a hack saw) that I kept on my desk during my Rockwell years.   Ways to remember by-gone days.

We are about to wrap up hosting a rally for our Escapee friends.  Our original plan was to host it at a county park with no services, parking on grass.   However, on Monday we did an emergency change of plans when it was predicted that the park was expecting another 2 inches on Tuesday and another inch on Thursday.   So with great reluctance and frustration on my part, we changed it to the Newton KOA on the south edge of Newton.  Paying $30 a night just about made me cry.  We had one member cancel out coming (because it was KOA or the price.)   I had to give KOA a credit card number to make the reservation in case we had less than our number.  But this afternoon, the office confirmed that we met our commitment.

We tried a couple of things on the group and it all worked well.  Today, we baked potatos for the group on the fire.   I was a bit concerned about having enough coals and even bought a package of firewood from the office.  (I had brought a good load of wood along, but just not quite enough!)  We consumed it all.  But the potatos were done as expected.!

More about the rally later.  It is late tonight!


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