Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're behind again (as usual)

My apologies for being late again.  I didn't even look to see when the last one was written.  But you'll have to excuse me with the sudden, unexpected passing of my younger brother.  Now I'm stuck with 5 sisters plus I'm mother's Power of Attorney.

To keep life interesting, last week we had a crowned molar tooth decide to give up the ghost. The gold crown broke off along with the top of the tooth. So it was a trip to the dentist last week and yesterday we visited the Oral Surgeon.   (I don't like seeing those guys.)

About 30  years ago, we had a molar extracted that refused to fully come out and was always getting infected.  When I went in then, I told the surgeon that I didn't expect him to have any problem, as I thought my teeth were a bit loose.  I never kept track of how long he worked on the tooth, but I do remember that he took a break and left the office for five minutes.    When he finished, he made an off hand comment that I didn't have to worry about my teeth falling out.  So I was expecting a similar reaction this time.  But I didn't tell him that my teeth were loose.

When it was all said and done, he removed the bad tooth and then with my permission (and a rest for me), he removed a second molar next to it that had not fully extended itself.    He started at 1 PM and I walked out of the office by 2 PM.   He gave me a pain prescription which I haven't used.  Also, an antibiotic prescription to use until it is empty.  I haven't needed the pain pills, but I'm also somewhat walking around in the motorhome in a slight fog.  No running, nor heavy lifting, nor really hot stuff or ice cold stuff.  In other words, I'm being lazy.


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