Friday, May 27, 2011

Resting for Memorial Day Weekend

I didn't get all of the grass mowed because I tore up the second belt I had purchased.  I'm not sure why the second one bit the dirt, but it did.  When I compared the second belt with the original, it was obvious that it was not of the same quality.  So now I'm waiting until we go to CR where I can hopefully get a belt from the manufacturer.   I've already purchased one and took it back because it was really the wrong size.  (width and length.)

So to keep ourselves busy, we moved the RV up to the normal on-the-lawn parking spot.  We still left some tracks, but not bad.   We also tried to organize our outside storage.  I'm not sure if I'll ever get it right.  (We carry too much stuff.)

Late this afternoon, the rains came.  Actually very light, but it made the grass wet. The good thing was that there was no wind.  Looking at the radar map, it was a broad general area, not a sharp moving storm area.

It is very quiet in our house tonight.  Sandy continues to work on the June Newslettere for our Escapees Iowa Chapter (and I've learned that the TV needs to be OFF.)  With that, it is time for my evening snack!


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