Monday, May 23, 2011

The more I hurry, the hinder I get

I'm sorry folks, but we're really been de-railed on getting 2 to 4 posting out per week.  I guess I always have an excuse (at least in my mind).  We'll try to do better!

This past week was spent in Winterset (Iowa) where we hosted our Computer Rally again.  We journeyed over last Friday (May 13) so that we could get an early start on stuff.  For starters, it rained (and rained).  Plus we were asked to move by the fairgrounds management because we were in front of the other building where there were two high school graduation receptions to be held.    So we moved, no problem.

Saturday found us putting on a hundred miles to attend the chapter spring luncheon in Boone, Iowa.  It was great to see so many friends again.  We were early and it looked like we'd only have 3 or 4 couples.  Then presto, we had a room full of people.  One couple hadn't yet arrived at their summer home in north Iowa and one couple was on their way to a work camping opportunity in the Black Hills.  I think a good time was had by all and we especially treated our stomach WELL.  (Nothing was needed Saturday night.)

The computer Rally last week went especially well.  Sandy did her usual bang up job of impressing everyone. Now if they'll just practice what they have learned.  One of the fellows led a seminar on using Linux which really got my attention.  We shall configure one of my spare notebooks to use it.

Today was our day to pay homage to the medical profession again.  We had a 2 pm appointment to get another B twelve shot and then a 2:45 appointment to discuss our upcoming colonoscopy.  We've had it done twice before and for some reason we were scheduled for an office call with the "gastro......".  I finally figured out that the colonoscopy was routine and the office call was to talk about the esophagus inspection from the mouth.  (Doesn't it make you wonder when they want to do both of them during the same time slot!)  The reason for the esophagus inspection is because I have real problems getting a big pill down.  The doctor asked lots of questions about eating, swallowing, etc and finally told me that he really didn't see any reason for doing it unless I insisted.   Then he noticed that I was vitamin B twelve deficient   and he switched gears.  Suddenly, I needed the test!  So how do they get me to swallow the probe when I'm out?

Of course, we had a few downers here at the farm.  I was out early to mow the lawn and promptly shredded the main mower deck belt.   I picked up one in town this morning and it didn't want to stay on either.  So we picked up the right one in Cedar Rapids this noon.  It may be what the suppler recommends, but it is a narrower belt.   I hope it works.

Enough.  I thought for a moment I had lost my input, but it was there in draft form.  I have an extra blank entry that I'll try to delete.  Writing is one thing.  Site management is something else with these programs!


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