Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring is HERE.

Three Cheers for Spring.  There is no doubt that it is here after today.   It was just plain nice out!  There is no other way to describe it.  There were light breezes (only early in the day), and lots of sunshine.  In the afternoon, the wind picked up a bit and yes, it really rocked our boat here on dry land on the hilltop,  but we managed.

I survived the week in reasonably good shape.  As mentioned earlier, I had two teeth pulled on Monday.  The pain was so light that I skipped the pain pills (wasted dollars).  I tried to make sure I ate or chewed on the right side of my mouth and I succeeded most of the time.  Once in a while, we forgot (ouch).

This afternoon, we had one of the dis-solvable stitch ends come out.  That felt good, as it was kind of tickling my cheek on the inside.

Tomorrow we go back to the oral surgeon so that he can check if it has grown back together.  Plus we have a whole list of other items to get done while we're in CR.  One item I'm less than enthusiastic about is visiting the GP doctor about my recent blood test.  Supposedly, the test shows that my vitamin B twelve level is too low, even with the supplement I've been taking.   So his next solution is for me to learn how to use the injectable kind.   For someone who has a real problem with pain and the sight of blood, giving myself my own shots of B twelve just isn't in my world.

But, life could be worse, I think.


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  1. Gene:

    Is everything okay? We haven't seen a post from you in over two weeks. Normally you post an average of 8 posts per month and it has only been 3 all month. We hope nothing is wrong.