Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We're ready for some Sunshine

We've been back to Iowa for about 2 weeks and I think it has been cloudy, overcast and/or rainy almost every day.   I guess it  fits the general mood  I'm in with the loss of my brother.   We knew it was eventually going to happen, but the suddenness of it took us all.   But he is better off and as it was, he did not suffer the agonizing final days that so many cancer patients go through.   We think it was a ruptured vessel in his gut, thus low blood pressure and that was it.

The real impact for me now is that I picked up the Power of Attorney for my mother.  So Ruth has helped me sort out what Gordon was doing and how he kept the records.   We met with the care center to resolve a financial issue and that should work itself out in the coming days.

Our next big event is for the family to celebrate my mother's 100th birthday on Sunday.  That is a lot of years any way you look at it.  She is doing pretty well other than her hearing is very poor (for my voice).   It is frustrating since Sandy can converse with her in a nearly normal voice.  I guess I'm in the wrong pitch!

There are a few things I'd like to do around the farmstead, but I'm just too stubborn to work outside in the cold windy wet weather we've been having.  We're supposedly going to have some good days this week.  I can handle that.

We've spent a lot of our indoor time watching the eaglets from Decorah on the computer.  Last weekend when we had the snow, I expected that their was no way that she could save all three of the young ones.  But it was Monday or Tuesday when the sun shined and all were there.  And they continue to grow.

After so long, one begins to learn some of the habits.   I've often wondered how they handle disposing of the body waste.  It really is no problem.  The young one puts his head down towards the center of the group, raises up on their legs and fires.  There bodily wastes are sent flying over the side of the nest elsewhere.

The eaglets are somewhere between the size of a baseball and a softball.   The link to see the nest and birds is :    Happy viewing.

Bring on some sunshine and warm weather.  Our asparagus is still dormant.


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