Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm late, slow and lazy

Without looking at the date of the last entry, I can tell you it has been a few days (or weeks). But life just moves on.

About a week or so ago, I visited our family doctor for my version of a short course physical. I had my list of issues that I needed addressed. Nothing really serious other than my prostate is growing, or the symptoms of BPH. Anyway, he gave me a couple of samples and said he'd write a prescription if that works. (It helped and I picked up the prescription today.) So today it is a red letter day in my book, I'm now a daily pill popper of a prescription medication.

Of course, we take a few other pills: one baby aspirin to keep the heart in good order; one lysine to control fever blisters if I get too excited; 2 condrotin/Glucosamina for helping the joints and vitamin B12. (Dr. said that the blood test suggested that I needed some B12.)

After the mini-physical, I felt pretty good. (Doesn't a good patient know his symptoms? I asked the questions and he provided the answers.) I have a lot of hip pain and he said that if I'm not popping any painkillers yet, there is no need to replace the present hips. He'll get serious when I'm popping painkillers and still having pain. The other big surprise was that the nurse insisted on doing a height check. Ouch, I'm two inches shorter then I used to be. I'm still over 6 feet, but not by much.

Our next big event was an RV rally last weekend. It went over well, other than a bit wet. Back here at the farm on Monday, it was time to get real serious with the wiring in our new Honda CRV. The tow plate had been installed by a mechanic in town and of course, I'll do my own electrical work. The job is easy to describe, mount the connector on the front and tie into the lights on the rear. Our challenge was getting the wires from the front to the rear. We asked Honda folks and they said they never do it. We asked an RV dealer and he was willing to answer, just bring the vehicle in and they'd do it. So we left.

We put the front end up on blocks (solid ones) and after poking and probing around for a half a day, we picked out a route that worked. With the wires strung, our next challenge was hooking them up. (The connector and wires were saved from the Saturn we traded in, so we knew the wires were good.) But when I attempted to hook it up, nothing seemed to work. Eventually, I realized that the wire colors and functions were not what I had assumed them to be. Once we resolved that issue, we finished the job in an hour.

So we are now ready to tow it. On our way back from CR today, Sandy read the towing instructions out of the Honda owners manual. The salesman had only read us half of the instructions. The final paragraph is that we have to pull a fuse if towing for some period of time. So we need to find the magic fuse. I'm assuming that with the fuse pulled, the door alarms don't sound, the interior lights are off and the miles do not add up as it follows us down the highway behind the motorhome.

When we traded the Saturn in, it was obvious that it had been towed, so to be honest when they asked about the miles, we told them it had 35,000 on the meter and another 40,000 being towed. They didn't want to talk about or hear of the non-logged miles. Okay!

Tonight's big accomplishment was to help Sandy replace the toner cartridge in our laser printer. Sandy was attempting to do it herself and finally I decided that she needed some help. I'll keep my thoughts to myself, but it didn't take long to finish the job. (Technical instructions have to be taken with a grain of salt to understand what the writer was intending to say.)

Friday night we help a high school friend celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Years ago, when relatives and friends celebrated their 50th anniversary, they were old. Humm, times must have changed as he just isn't that old. Sandy and I reach that milestone next year and we're certainly not that old!!! The real crunch is Saturday morning when we need to be on the road by 5 AM to reach Sandy's home town by 10 AM for their parade.

After the parade and visiting, it is on to Forest City Iowa for the Winnebago National Rally, then to Osh-Kosh Wisconsin for the experimental air show. before returning to the farm for a family reunion.



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