Sunday, July 25, 2010

EAA, we're in Oshkosh

blog EAA arrival

Fantastic, we have arrived. A bummer, the grounds are too wet to be parked. So we're stuck in a gravel lot with a path on the side. We shall get our quotient of dust unless it rains some more.

We've attended a number of major rallies in our lifetime, but I have an idea that this one will take the cake. The good news is that it is not raining now, but looking at the fields as we came in gives an indication that they have had more then enough rain to last the entire week.

'One issue when we left the Walmart this morning was that we wanted to top off the propane tank. We had a quarter of a tank according to a very rough gauge, but since we're boondocking this week, we need propane to keep the refrigerator going. We stopped at 3 service stations and two communities, all with no luck. Finally, one station sent us to a nearby four-wheeler dealer (and campground owner). My immediate reaction was "here it comes". The office manager called the owner out of bed to come over and fill it. And when he presented me with the bill, I knew we'd been had. I've never paid $4.00 plus a gallon for LP, but we did this time. In the future, we shall have a reserve tank along, such that we can run a week when the main tank goes dry.. (That is one of the built in hazards with a motorhome and a built in tank.)

Otherwise, our drive this morning was very uneventful.

this afternoon, we went to the EAA grounds, and obtained our pre-paid pass etc. We know for certain that our legs are going to get a workout. We walked a bit of the grounds, and then road the (free) tram from end to end, just to give us a perspective of what was where. the place is loaded with people, tents, RVs and airplanes. Sandy spotted some sleeping bags just laying on the ground where an airplane had been parked. Yep, they still sleep under the wing here at the show!

Back at our motorhome, I consented to starting our generator and running our air conditioner. It does cool our coach and also deadens the noise of other generators.) In some minds, a generator is a generator, irrespective of its breed or purpose. Sadly, we're parked among 2 or 3 contractor type generators that some people have brought along. (they are very noisy!)


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