Saturday, July 31, 2010

Daughter's House

We left Osh Kosh yesterday morning reasonably early. We had to drive the Honda to the campground entry first and then exit with our papers so that we could get the proper refund. (No matter how long you intend to stay, they charge you the entire amount as if you are staying until the last day. Then when you leave early, they issue a refunds for the unused days. Plus since we were not allowed to park in the real campground, they are going to give us an additional refund eventually.) They issued the normal refund to our credit card and told us that they would mail the extra refund to us later.

Any way you want to cut it, I have to admit that they are trying to be very accommodating. Had we been in the regular campground, we would still be riding the buses, just not as far. But we were not signed up for the electric sites, so the heat might have convinced us to leave early. Our solar system worked wonderfully and we were never for want of lights or computer power.

We had a pleasant drive to Dodgeville, WI and daughter's location. We settled in and relaxed. Of course, we also enjoyed mail call since she gets several items addressed to us.

Beth arrived home after 5 PM and the conversation began non-stop. A friend of hers had called from out of town and suggested eating out. So we continued the conversation until dinner time. It is hard to imagine the number of things to be discussed when we haven't seen her for 8 weeks or so. (Of course, there is the email and almost always a Saturday 30 minute phone call.) So it isn't as if we hadn't talked with her.

I really didn't look forward to the eating out, as it was the friend, her husband, kids (ages 2 and 4) and other relatives. However, we lucked out and the other relatives took the kids and decided to continue to their home in Dubuque Iowa. So we had a table with 5 and conversation was very easy. Never the less, it had been some time since Beth and Jerilyn had been together, so the table was a buzz between those two. We enjoyed listening and having a few words with her husband.

The party broke up before dark and it was back to Beth's house. We read our email and then Beth said, "Dad, do you know what time it is?" It was well after 10 and I had already had some quality sleep time under my belt. I was kind of in a stupor, as I took my shower and headed for the sack. I was tired.

We've had breakfast this morning and Beth just gave us a demonstration with her new tent and sleeping bag. She is leaving shortly for a 2 week hiking trip in Colorado and is practicing to get into shape. She has a backpack loaded with 45 pounds of weights that she has been carrying on long local hikes to get into shape. Just lifting the pack was enough to tell me that we'll let it for another day. Oh, to be young again with unlimited ambition and energy!

While she is out, Sandy and I can catch up on surfing and other stuff.


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  1. Heading TO Dubuque on Saturday? There were 20,000 RAGBRAI riders head FROM Dubuque on Saturday. Auto/bus/truck traffic was at a standstill. Bikes moved freely!