Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mid EAA Show

Here we are, sweating because our generator can't run our air conditioner right now. I thought it was the generator, but after doing some checks this afternoon, it is a problem in the transfer switch. I found a loose wire/screw on the terminal block and tightened it up. I also gave the box the calibrated hammer blow, but it didn't fix it.

The EAA AirVenture has been interesting. It would be a little more enjoyable and comfortable if it were not so HOT. Tomorrow is to be better I think..

Since we're parked off site (on EAA parking) we enjoy a 3 mile bus ride to and fro. The drivers have one mode of driving; Pedal to the metal to go and pedal to the metal to stop. They take mostly back roads and they are the roughest paved roads we have seen. Since school buses don't have the best suspension and little padding on the seats, it is a test of one's backbone.

It took a day or two, but we're getting the hang of the place. Rule number 1: plan all of your activities in a given area. While they provide bus or tram service between areas, one ends up wasting so much time, it wipes out a session. Tomorrow our plan is to only attend sessions in the museum building and area. One advantage also is that it is air conditioned.

I was getting very frustrated yesterday with our Verizon air card. It refused to log in. We finally took the Honda for a drive and found a free wi-fi at Arby's. Sandy picked up her mail okay. I tried to see if Verizon would work any better and ended up locking out my wi-fi plus no Verizon link. Back at the motorhome, we finally tried to solve the problem by calling Verizon plus while on hold, I decided to "re-activate" the card. It then started working! Frustrating!!!!!

We are living via our boondocking way of life. Thanks to a good set of batteries and solar panels, we have plenty of power to run the computers and our LED lights even without the generator. Of course, it has been very sunny the last few days also. What we are missing is some air condition to make life just a bit more comfortable.

Enough for tonight.



  1. Shuttle bus .... ugggg. I completely avoided them this year on RAGBRAI. Walking was much better. I had to do shuttles on Bike Virginia back in June. The "pedal to the metal" resulted in an accident between a school bus and a car. No bike ride passengers were hurt but the shuttle service was even slower than usual with one bus and one driver out of service.