Monday, June 28, 2010

Wrapping up June

Here it is June 28th and there isn't much time left to reach the half way point for this year. How time flies (when you're having fun).

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It has been a busy 10 days or so. We were at a rally last weekend with our Escapee RV friends at Kalona. The city has a nice compact city park campground and it is as level as a good pancake. Thankfully, the gravel pads were solid. The grass between the site pads was soggy to say the least. After the rain Thursday night, we had lots of water just waiting to soak in.

Tomorrow we take our Honda to the shop to have the tow plate attached (It arrived this afternoon). Then it will be my turn to get the lights installed. While we were at the rally, UPS delivered a box containing our "Brake Buddy". The Brake Buddy senses that we are slowing down the motorhome and activates the Honda brakes. We felt that we needed the additional braking help since the Honda is a thousand pounds heavier than the Saturn. So it is all coming together so that we can tow it a week from Saturday.

Today we visited with our friendly doctor about some of my physical aliments. Yes, the old body is beginning to show its age. In a nutshell, the trips to the bathroom at night are beginning to rob me of my needed sleep. Hopefully, a simple pill can help. (Isn't that the All American Way, just get another pill?)

On our return to the farm, we stopped at 3 parts stores hoping to buy a starting capacitor for our air conditioner. On Thursday, we'll try place number 4. Thankfully, the air conditioner in this motorhome has two compressors, so we can survive on just one compressor if the temperatures are not too extreme.

Oh, happy days.



  1. A thousand pounds is alot of weight to haul around. Hope the Honda is worth it. Having owned both a Honda Accord and a Saturn I could not tell much difference.