Sunday, June 17, 2012

It is our big day anniversary

Here it is June 17 and Sandy and I are both inside the RV with the A/C running.  Something about keeping cool or being lazy.  Actually, it is keeping cool for Sandy and being lazy for Gene.

It was 51 years ago  today when we were married in northern Iowa.  I think it was about as hot then  as it is today!  But we made it.  Of course, there isn't too much I really remember of it.  Sandy  remembers the details like what gift someone gave us.

We both have had our annual physicals and I think we've passed with flying colors.  At least Sandy is cleared and I'm waiting for the blood test results. (I'm not sure if they'll call no matter what or only call if there is a problem.)  So far, no call.

Last weekend I attended a conference on solar and wind power.  As a result, I'm hot to add some more solar to my solar farm on the roof top.  Prices have come down dramatically since we first started adding solar.  My heart burn now is that I really need only one more panel and the shipping cost is about half of the cost of a panel.  Perhaps it will become a winter project when we're back in Florida and there will not be a shipping cost.

I don't remember if  I told you about our need for a new waterheater.  The old one did a "back burn" when wind blew in the exhaust.  The result was that it melted some of the wires together and knocked out the controller.  I wanted to hire someone to replace it, but the RV shop I was going to use went out of business, so we decided to do it myself.  It involved a fair amount of laying on my back, but we got it done.

The next day the local electric service came to replace our power pole and they left the old pole for me to burn.   So naturally I needed to start the chain saw, which went pretty well.  We cut a number of sections and then I split them for easier burning.  Then when I was going to restart the saw, I pulled something in my left shoulder. and quickly decided that we'd done enough cutting for a while.  I guess I'm just not as agile as I used to be.  (The bummer is that they gave me 4 other posts to burn and they need to be cut up.)

It is very dry here on the farm, as it is in the rest of the Midwest.  We have been blessed with two recent  showers of a quarter of an inch of rain each, which has been a blessing to the crops, which really need about 2 to 4 inches more.  I guess we'll let the Lord take care of it for us.  In the past, it always seem to arrive a day before it is too late.


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