Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back on the Farm, another Hot afternoon

The rally was over today and we headed back to the farm. It was a pleasant drive, only about 84 miles and we arrived shortly after noon.  Near Albia, we met several pickups, each pulling a heavy duty utility trailer carrying  an old restored tractor.   There was a bit of an urge to return to Albia so that I could admire all of the restored tractors.

It has been 3 or 4 days since the last blog and there were events that I was intending to remember to write about.  But here it is, and I don't remember a thing that we saw, talked about or what ever.  During my employed years, I used to carry a couple 3 by 5 cards in my pocket to make notes on.  Perhaps I ought to do that again.

Saturday was spent touring the Iowa State fish hatchery by Lake Rathbun.  Afterwards we toured some of the lake surroundings before returning to the motorhome. One of the items I wanted to see was the "Resort" park that Iowa built about 10 years ago. The Chamber of Commerce lady said that it had been good for Albia. I'm not sure that it has been good for the State of Iowa. (Sometimes it has been referred to as a Money Sink!)

A few years ago, I was told that the original rules for the C.O.E when they developed the adjoining campgrounds was that one of them had to be free.  There is indeed a free campground on Lake Rathbun.  It had 3 tents and a church youth group using it.  In other words, not busy with only 5 sites out of 35 being used.  The other campgrounds were packed with wall to wall campers.  I guess most of the campers wanted to have AC so that they could use the air conditioning!


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