Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rockwell, IA on the Fourth of July

We really didn't want to travel today, but the schedule just seemed like we ought to. So we arrived here today and found a nice level camp site down by the river.  It had been vacated by another party who came for the Fourth, saw the fireworks last night and decided to skip the rest and go back to the house where I'm sure the temperatures are much more moderate.  (There are 12 empty spaces out of 40.)

We stopped here for two reasons: a) Sandy has a brother here in the care center and b)It is the last place before the Mason City Walmart with a hookup for our air conditioner.  Sandy said that we would park where there was AC to power the air conditioner.

After getting parked this afternoon, we went to the care center only to find that her brother was out for the day.   That is really good news meaning that he is well enough to be out and about some.  So it was back to the park where we pretty much hibernated in the camper and kept cool.  We'll go back to the care center to see  Buford in the morning.

Our stop at Walmart is to fuel up our rig plus to lay in a supply of food for the full timers rally that we're hosting next week.  Since prices are much better at Walmart, Wally gets our business to the extent that we can plan.  We'll still buy plenty of stuff in Forest City.

Before we left the farm, Sandy and I hung a blanket up behind us with the intention that it would retain more cold air up front around us.  However, as we neared Rockwell, I told Sandy that I didn't think the engine air conditioning was working very well.  However, once we had parked the rig and I stepped back into the living room area, I decided that the engine air conditioner was working well.  The temperature at the kitchen area was a cool 92 degrees and definitely warmer than where we were sitting.  Once we were plugged in, it didn't take long for the coach air conditioning to make it livable inside.

After visiting with her brother tomorrow morning, it is on to Walmart to fuel up the motorhome, lay in a supply of groceries and then head on up the road to Forest City.  Hopefully there will be space at the Visitor's Center for us, otherwise we'll have to pay good money and stay in the city park for two nights before we check in. At least we'll be off of the road as all of the Holiday travelers burn up the rubber.


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  1. Sandy:

    We are so very sorry about Gene. He was a nice and gentle man and will be missed by a lot of people. We hope you are doing okay considering everything. Please let us know what you end up doing. Are you going back to the farm? Can you drive the RV and still visit friends around the country? Take care of yourself. Time will ease the pain.