Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beeds Lake State Park, Iowa

We moved to this campground in Beeds Lake SP yesterday, April 6.  We had some head wind, but nothing serious.  The one thing we noticed was that everything is so grey or brown, except for some of the grass fields.  They need a good spring rain to get things growing.

Today we put on another 200 miles, visiting a church camp in Minnesota where Sandy is hosting a family gather in August.  It is about what we expected.  We do need to determine some activities for the nieces and nephews plus the next generation.   (We can wade in the creek some, but not all day.)  Plus there is all evening.

Sandy drove the entire distance, which was a first.  She was also very tired tonight, so I had to be on my best behavior.

We were surprised this evening to get a phone call from a fellow who wanted to rent our lot in Arizona for the year.   Most people are looking for a seasonal site, which is fall, winter and early spring.   He wants it for 12 months.  So now we're trying to be certain that he qualifies  in terms of age, RV age or condition, pet number, etc.   The phone circuit was not the best and we had some difficulty understanding him.

With no outside schedule, tomorrow is my day to again work on my computer.  I took over this computer from Sandy on January 1st.   No, she didn't want it and I could do what I wanted to on it.  (It was her "Windows 7 machine.")   Well, I renamed some users and now I'm in the dog house.   We'll see if I can restore it some.  It sounds dumb, but last night, I copied some files to a flash drive so that I could reload them on to my new user location.  

(If you haven't guessed it, I'm not a fan of Windows 7!)


Tomorrow is another day.

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