Monday, April 4, 2011

We headed further North

Saturday was such a nice day that we felt we needed to get serious about heading on north to cooler climates.  Well, we succeeded. As we were driving yesterday, the thermometer registered 85 degrees on the outside.  That was a bummer. But we had air conditioning to keep us happy.

What we didn't have was a wind break as we headed north.  There was a very strong south wind blowing and it was tail wind most of the time.  When we headed west, we slowed down and was ever mindful of the wind. Thankfully we only had about 20 miles of west driving and 280 miles straight north.

We're staying at an Illinois state park northwest of Peoria.  It used to be $10 when we first came here.  Sunday when we checked in, it was $16 and would have been $20 if the water was turned on.   (They are operating under winter  rates with no water hydrants and the shower closed.)

Last night we were reminded again that there can be some real storms in the Midwest.   I may have been tired, as I heard very little after I was safe in bed.   We did pull in the living room slide in case of a very strong wind. But it was a quiet night from my perspective.

Today was laundry day and most of the time, the laundromat would be very busy.  Not so here in the small town near the park.  There was one customer in the place when we arrived and one other customer when we left.   We like that kind of service.

Today is a very windy and cold day.  It was 40 degrees cooler than the 85 of yesterday.  We didn't care for that one bit.  Maybe tomorrow we may move again (after this northwest wind dies down so that we don't have to push a head wind!


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