Monday, August 23, 2010

Wrapping up our Stay on the Farm

I didn't realize how delinquent I have been until I looked at the previous posting. It has been over a week since we updated it. No excuse!

Last week we took a monumental test that seems to be very popular for lots of people. My doctor suggested that I needed to take a sleep test. So we took the test a week ago Friday. When I finished, I had certain reservations, feeling that I didn't sleep well. (not unusual for me in a strange bed.) One thing we did learn is that I don't stop breathing, such that a sleep apnea machine would help.

Tuesday I got a call from the doctor's office and was informed that I didn't sleep well enough to have any meaningful results. I need to retake the test. We said "forget it for now, we're headed south." Looking back at the accommodations, I know what happened. I should have asked for another blanket or two because I really wasn't warm enough. The bed was so tightly made that I never was able to pull the sheet and blanket up around my neck and shoulders. Plus I wasn't able to kick the sheet out so that I could confortalbly lay on my back with my feet straight up. I should have been more outspoken and made the bed more comfortable. When I retake the test, I'll initially get in bed and make sure I'm comfortable before I let them wire me up. (I had so many wires on me, I was reluctant to move too much.

This week is going very quickly. We have our "to do" list and will finish it by Thursday. Departure day is Friday. it is a bit early, but it gives us more time with the grand daughters.


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