Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 4 back on the Road

On Day 3 of our travel, we were planning to boondock at a Walmart in or near Elkhart, IN. However, we decided that with the warmer than usual temperatures, perhaps we needed to head to a campground so we could turn the air conditioner on. Obviously, the logical campground was the campground we were headed for on Monday. So we arrived a day early and did it feel great.

We checked in, parked our motorhome, plugged in the power cord and turned on the air conditioner, which worked wonderfully well. We met some of our neigbors today and checked in with the rally organizer to get our name tag (showing that we have paid the rally fees.)

The official rally opening was this afternoon followed by vendor introductions. The evening entertainment was several drawings for door prices. In short, it is a pretty laid back group of people.

Sandy commented this morning that she hadn't seen many people that we recognized. However, after the two meetings this afternoon and evening, it is apparent that we know many more folks than we expected. Tomorrow the seminars start and we are going to carry our own chairs along. Folding steel chairs are just too hard on our posterior. Besides, we're only 100 yards from the seminars.

Have a nice day.


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