Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Visiting with Daughter Beth

We finally made it up to wonderful Wisconsin to spend some time with our daughter Beth. It is always great to see family and this trip is no different.

During lunch, the subject of planning for next year came up. It is very interesting what the divergent views are. Sandy is to be hosting a family gathering next summer. Where and when is TBD (to be determined). I've made a few suggestions and they were promptly shot down. So being a little bit of sound mind (I think), I've clammed up and I will let the experts determine the event, location and details. Okay, I can handle that.

A friend has sold us on the idea of buying a Honda CRV, a little taller than our Saturn and a bit more spacious to carry all of that stuff we accumulate. We've looked at the Honda and I decided to stop in at the Ford dealer here in Dodgeville to see what compares with it. Well, they just as well as said, "We don't need your business." I walked in to the show room where there were two offices occupied, both with customers. Shortly one customer left and so I walked over to that doorway. After being ignored for over a minute, I decided that they didn't need any more business. There was not so much as a single word to let me know they would be available shortly. The salesman in the second office likewise kept himself busy with another customer. So after 5 minutes, I decided that they didn't need my potential business.

One of the great things oabout visiting daughter is that we have DSL internet service. Right now there are three computers online and service is great.

Enough for today.



  1. Oh, cool. So what did the expert decide? Where in 2011 are we meeting, eating, swimming, biking, camping, hiking, funning, etc?

    BTW I've walked out of plenty of places too. Just this last Sunday I got in a taxi cab and the driver told me the street approaching my destination was closed. True the street would be closing five hours later, but it was WIDE open at this time. I got into another cab and gave the second guy a good tip, too. I felt good! Enjoy shopping ... can you buy a car on-line?

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  3. The second comment appears to be Chinese characters. One Google translation has it as: Filling it! To continue to publish good articles Oh!