Saturday, June 12, 2010

We bought it, a new car Honda CR-V

Well, it took a trip to Ames, where we were stood up by the sales agent. Then a trip to Iowa City where we did a bit better and finally said, "We'll take it." Buying a big ticket item like a car is just not fun in my book. The typical American consumer is not skilled at doing it and as a result leaves way too much money on the table. The sales agent did comment that the most difficult buyers are farmers. I suspect that they have lots of practice with buying machinery and selling grain and livestock.

Did we get a great deal? I don't think so. But we won't look back at it. It is over and done with. So we bought a 2010 Honda CRV. It has automatic four wheel drive and is tow-able 4 down, meaning we don't need a tow dolly to keep two wheels off of the ground when towing. The bad thing is that there is a 2 minute warm up procedure that we need to go through each time we tow it. (But no fuses to pull.)

Now the challenge is to get a tow plate so that it can be towed behind the motor home. I've told Sandy that it won't be available for our rally the end of June. So she'll just drive it behind me in the motorhome. (Or do I drive it behind her in the motorhome?) Then we need to get a braking system for it plus a light connection. It may be ready to roll by the end of July.

Last night we had another rough unsettling night with a series of rolling thunder storms that passed us by. We did get 1.5 inches of rain plus some very close by lightening strikes, which is enough. Interestingly, we noticed that the small creek at the south edge of the farm did not go out of its banks. I'm surprised.

Sandy was laid pretty low all day yesterday with a different sinus problem. She had a runny nose and a bad cough, reminiscent of last winter. This morning she seems almost back to normal. I suggested that perhaps she was allergic to the new car! I hope not!!! But I did open it up all afternoon to air it out.

It appears that today will be an inside day, with brief showers all day long.


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