Friday, April 9, 2010

We're in Kansas, heading north

It is Friday and we're in Kansas on a beautiful sunny day. Plus we drove a hundred miles and had a great tail wind. To top the day off, we're now parked in the Meade, KS City Park, on grass with minimum electric and it is free. We can handle that.

(Update: The Meade Parks department just came around and turned my power off and padlocked the box. I guess we're back on battery power for the night.)

Yesterday morning, we had breakfast with friends of ours in the little town of Brownfield, TX. Besides having friends there, what made our day was that Brownfield has a city owned RV parking lot, with water and 50/30/20 Amp hookups, and all for free. With services like that, one can only say great things about the town.

We stopped last night at another little city RV parking lot (Dumas, TX). It had 50 amp hookups, with a dump station and a hydrant near the fence line. The only problem was that the water was still turned off (winter rates). Of course, it was also free. Tomorrow we're headed for Greensburg, KS for our mail package and we'll spend a couple of days there, either in the city park, or around a small Kansas State fishing lake. (Of course, free!)

I think you get the message, we love patronizing small town city parks. I should mention also that Greensburg, KS was nearly wiped off of the map 3 years ago with a massive tornado. We were through there two years ago and they had cleaned up all of the demolished houses etc. It was a strange site, seeing all of the massive tree trunks with no limbs standing like isolated sentries throughout the town.

Relatives tell me that the weather is fine in Iowa, so while we're not rushing north, we're also not wasting too much time. My siblings have reported that our mother has gone downhill very much in the last few weeks, so perhaps our return to her presence will up lift her spirits. She is only going to celebrate her 99th birthday on the 29th of this month. Sadly, she has had to give up walking this winter.

Perhaps we should have made a faster trip north so that we could have seen our daughters in Wisconsin. Our eldest daughter, and family is visiting Beth, our younger daughter. Julie's eldest daughter Emily is on a Spring Break trip to Europe, where a group of young people from their former church is on a mission help project in an east European country, the likes I could never spell, let along pronounce. I sense that I'm a bit like my dad, when I comment "Isn't she a bit young to be doing world traveling on her own? She is only 15!" Grand children grow up so fast!

The sun is shining, the wind has laid down, and I'm ready for a nice spring walk. More on another day.


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