Thursday, April 29, 2010

An Exhausting Week

I've kind of lost track of how long we've been here on the farm. What I do know is that my body is feeling the pain of out and out physical work. Yesterday, we worked on fixing the tile again by the creek. Yes, we have a small backhoe, but then I had to dig about 6 inches more at the bottom of the trench to match up with the old tile. That is work! but we have it done except for filling the trench.

Then the neighbor stop by with his tractor. He had been cutting some trees that I wanted gone and came by to say hello. He told me that on the way coming across the field, he spotted another hole in the ground where a tile is obviously sucking dirt in. (Actually, some animal chews a hole in the plastic tile and then water draining in takes with it some soil, creating a much bigger hole in the ground. So another tile to fix, but not in the muck.

So this morning the neighbor is up here at the farm yard cutting up some limbs that I drug up here and I stopped by to chat this morning. While visiting with him, I spotted a wet spot in a waterway east of the farm yard about a thousand feet. (the sun angle was just right and the water on the surface reflected it. Another bummer.)

Today was to be a day off, as I'm too sore from yesterday. So we were going to visit my mother to wish her a Happy Birthday, her 99th birthday. For 99 years, she is doing pretty well. She has been blessed with a good heart system, as her four siblings all had heart problems. Not only is she is great health, but the high cholesterol gene apparently didn't get passed onto her children. One thing I've been unfortunate to get is the need for new hips. Mother had two hips replaced years ago. (Three of my sisters have had new hips done in the last 4 years.) My turn is coming.

Another reason that we're not on the road to see mother right now is that is that Sandy had ordered a new computer (with Windows 7). This morning on the Fed-Ex site, they told her that it is out for delivery. So we will wait! We normally see them whiz by early in the morning, but probably not today.

The grass on the lawn is growing like a weed. It was mowed 3 days ago and ought to be mowed again. The other thing that is growing is the rhubarb and asparagus. Sandy told me this morning that our consumption of asparagus isn't fast enough, so she'll start freezing some of it. Perhaps we cut it a little early verses what is sold in the store, but it sure is tender and tasty.

A couple of years ago, we planted about a dozen cedar trees about 18 inches tall. I noticed last night that 4 of them have died, cause unknown. We lost one last year when a young buck deer used it to rub the velvet off of his antlers. I hope he was happy because he really did a number on the tree. (It also died.)

I was hoping that by starting this, the Fed Ex would show up and interrupt me, but no luck. I'll continue to wait.



  1. Happy Birthday to your mother! What a delight to be 99.

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