Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time Marches on

Okay, so we're getting lazy, or just plain neglecting our duties. My apologies.

It has been nearly 2 weeks since the last update and there have been a number of activities happening. For starters, we wrapped up the stuff on the farm and headed to Ames, IA for our 50th University Class reunion. Yep, it was in 1960 when Sandy and I both graduated from Iowa State University and I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces again.

Reunions are both a joy and a disappointment. It is a joy about seeing long lost fellow students. It is big disappointment to realize that many of those that one remembers didn't come back for what ever reason. As one person said afterwards, one doesn't realize how few people you knew until you return and see all of the rest.

After the reunion, we journeyed south to Winterset, IA where we were hosting an RV Computer Rally for our Escapee's RV club chapter. We decided to avoid the big roads and take the lessor traveled highways from Ames. Our only problem as getting out of Ames onto the highway we wanted. We tried going straight south from Campus, only to have the road turn into a gravel road. So then it was west a mile and the road ended at a Tee road, with the south route being gravel. So it was north, back into west Ames and I think it was old 30 that finally got us out into the country. From then on, clear sailing.

In Winterset, we headed for the fairgrounds, which we knew would be populated with numerous Winnebagos and we weren't disappointed. They were hosting a state club meeting and used much of the grounds. But we slipped into a back corner and relaxed. Yes, we have a Winnebago product and yes, we could have joined their activities, but decided not to.

From Sunday afternoon till Friday morning, it was the Computer Rally. We had 17 rigs, 32 people and lots of questions. It is a real nightmare trying to work with XP, Vista and Windows 7. But Sandy did a pretty good job at it. I think everyone learned something. The Rally is now over and we're hanging around for a couple of days before we head back to the farm, as we have an appointment at the Des Moines Freightliner to have the valve lifters adjusted (factory recommended service.). So back to the farm on Monday afternoon, if the winds are not too bad.



  1. Ah, those XP, Vista, and Windows folks. I guess I'll always be in the minority with my Mac! One of these days I'll get to go to a rally. Until then, I'll just giggle at the spam comments (above) on a blog by people who host computer rallies. Glad you enjoyed your reunion - though you are NOT that OLD!

  2. Spoke with one of my cousin's on Sunday whose youngest daughter just graduated from Ellendale North Dakota high school. There were 22 in her class. On the stage during the celebration were 22 graduates of the class of 1960. In is a tradition in this eastern North Dakota town to have the 50th reunion class appear on stage during graduation. The numbers just happen to match this year as well.